Serving the Cultural Heritage

Open Source Preservation Workshop

7 April 2016

Kungliga Biblioteket
Humlegården, 102 41 Stockholm


One of the main challenges memory institutions face today is the long-term preservation of digital data.

PREFORMA, an EU-funded Pre-Commercial Procurement project, develops three open source conformance checkers that control whether a file complies with standard specifications and with the acceptance criteria of the memory institution. They offer full control of the process of conformity testing of files to be created, migrated and ingested into archives.

This software development is carried out in a collaborative environment with open source software developers, memory institutions and experts from all over the world.

If you want to learn more and to become an active member of our community, you are warmly invited to the Open Source Preservation Workshop organised by PREFORMA in Stockholm on April 7, 2016.

The workshop will feature keynote presentations by representatives from the PREFORMA project and the open source community, live demonstrations of the three conformance checkers for electronic documents, images and AV files by the suppliers working in the project (veraPDF, Easy Innova, MediaArea) and an informal networking event where attendees can share experiences, meet the PREFORMA developers and learn about the tools.

If you are a developer interested in contributing code to the PREFORMA tools, you will have the possibility to meet the three suppliers who develop the conformance checkers and join the PREFORMA open source community.

If you work for a memory institution or other cultural heritage organisation involved in (or planning) digital preservation initiatives, you have the opportunity to test and learn about the tools that are being developed in PREFORMA and gain insight on how they can fit in your workflows.

If you are involved in a standardisation body that maintains the technical specifications of preservation file formats, we will update you about the latest progress coming out PREFORMA on the standardisation of PDF/A, TIFF (TI/A), Matroska and FFv1.


Find out more about PREFORMA at!

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement n° 619568